Friday, December 25, 2015

My Dad Ordered A Computer.

One of the things online commerce has changed is the ability to shop at times that you couldn't in the past.  Today my dad put in an order with a major retailer for a new computer, to replace his ancient(by  computer standards) desktop.  How ancient, you ask?  It has a single core Sempron CPU.   The new machine was on special just for today, something that's presumably easy to pre-program into an online shopping website, so some poor IT guy doesn't have to sit there changing things on Christmas Day.  You might ask why he didn't wait for tomorrow's Boxing Day sales, and buy something else in person that would be suitable..  Well, he's not the kind of person dumb enough to go out in minus 30 weather to sit in line at the front door of a shop so he can maybe get some door crasher special.

Trying to decide what to buy has been a bit annoying.  Given how many options there are how do you know what to buy?  Research does winnow down choices, like some machines that seem to be built with laptop parts,.  But even then at some point you need to make a decision, or you never will.

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