Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It Never Was.

Looking around Deviantart tonight I stumbled across an anti-immigrant cartoon. (I won't link to it to avoid giving the artist hits)  It claimed that immigration only occurs to "white countries."  I checked the profile of the artist, and he lives in the United States, which I was entirely unsurprised at.  He, and anyone else with similar beliefs, needs to get a clue.  The United States was never a "white country."  Before colonists showed up those lands were the home of various indigenous peoples.  That remained the case after large scale colonisation began.  As the United States expanded it also took in territories where significant numbers of people of Spanish descent lived, many of whom also had indigenous ancestry.  Then there were all the African slaves brought in before the US Civil War finally ended that crime.  Chinese workers were brought in to build the railways, Hawaiians began to move to the mainland after the US annexed it, as did Puerto Ricans after their island met the same fate.  And on it went.  Of course the past equivalents of today's believers in this nonsense didn't always want white people immigrating either, if they came from places like Ireland, Italy, and Eastern Europe, or were European Jews.  That should come as no surprise, given that racism isn't in any way rational.

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