Saturday, October 17, 2015

You'd Never See It Down South.

It's interesting how much difference a border can make.  Beaners is a kid's hair cut salon found mainly in Alberta.  A location opened in Saskatoon a few years ago, but it's unclear to me if it still is.

If you're an American you might be raising an eyebrow at seeing that name.  In the US beaner is a slang term for Hispanic people, and generally considered a derogatory one, although some people have tried to reclaim it.  I've never heard it used in my area, but I was well aware of its existence.  So seeing that used as a business name was odd to me.  Apparently it wasn't commonly heard in Calgary in the late '80s when the first Beaners opened. 

I wonder if they've ever had people complain about the name.

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