Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Bet It Wasn't You.

Last night saw the biggest lottery prize drawn in Canadian history, with Lotto 6/49 reaching an estimated 64 million dollars.  Did you buy a ticket, Canadian reader?  Admit it, even if you didn't you probably thought about it.  But I feel safe in saying you weren't the person who won it if you did buy a ticket.  The winner was a single ticket in Mississagua, Ontario.  The chances the person or people that hold that ticket have ever visited this blog are slim.  Probably about the same odds of winning the big prize on Lotto 6/49, 1 in 14 some million.

Did I buy a ticket?  Yes I did.  But frankly I think if you're going to buy lottery tickets you should only buy one buck tickets.  After all three one dollar tickets are more likely to win something than one three dollar one.

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