Thursday, October 09, 2014


I shaved this morning, forestalling a reappearance of the dreaded really annoying to get rid of beard. It had reached the merely slightly bothersome to get rid of point.  Thinking about it just now it made me realise how much we obsess over hair.  We want to get rid of in certain places.  We want to it to keep growing in certain places.  We have all sorts of rules of  what is acceptable grooming of the hair we want around and what isn't, rules which often don't make sense for the type of hair we have.  And all this results in who knows how many billions of dollars a year spent on having people do things to it, and buying stuff to put in it or on it, or to remove it.  Just imagine how much free time and money you'd have if you just ignored it.

At least until it got to the point were it became a hazard, like getting caught in doors, or causing you to trip.  So maybe we better not get too blaise about it.

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