Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bad Dad's.

I just finished off a box of Dad's Goodie Rings cookies I bought earlier this week.

If your response is "Huh? Goodie Rings don't come in a box." then, like me, you haven't bought any in a while.  Here in Saskatoon at least the only size available at the moment is a 250 gram box, versus the 350 gram bag they've long come in.  This of course means less cookies per package, and given that I bought them at what seems to be the same price as the older packaging, a higher cost per cookie.

I bought them at Walmart.  Oddly the website still has the 350 gram packaging listed.  Even more oddly is that the web page for Dad's doesn't list Goodie Rings at all.  And both looking at the webpage and at local store shelves as well it seems some of their other products have disappeared.  Perhaps they're rationalising their product line because of poor sales.

I doubt this means they're about to disappear.  They wouldn't have come up with a new package if Goodie Rings are on the chopping block.  But I'm still annoyed at the changes, since you're getting less value for your snack money.

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