Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weird Sounds.

If you're in Regina, that really weird sound you heard a few minutes ago was a bunch of happy Roughrider fans.

If you're in Hamilton that weird noise you heard was a bunch of unhappy Tiger Cats fans.

There can be few more appropriate ways to end the history of Taylor Field than the Roughriders winning the Grey Cup at home.  And they did it convincingly. 

The big surprise of the game was probably Tom Hanks being there, apparently a guest of Martin Short.   Not that I saw them, since I listened to the game on the radio.  That's what I've done most of the year, so why stop now?

Some day I really have to go to Regina and see a game.  Just not in November.

Congratulations, guys.  Hopefully you can do it again next year.

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