Monday, July 15, 2013

Go, Carlos!

I had kind of forgotten that the World Series of Poker Main Event is running, but this morning I took at look at the current standings.  Starting day 7 there are 27 players left.  A big surprise is that Carlos Mortensen is currently sixth.  Mortensen won the Main Event in 2001, before the big poker boom.  And now he has a very good chance of reaching the final table this year.  A lot of people have wondered if a previous Main Event winner will ever win more than one Main Event again, and the general consensus is has been no.  Even reaching multiple final tables seemed unlikely given the current inflated player fields.  Can Carlos prove them wrong?  There's also a good chance JC Tran, another well known pro with extensive tournament experience, will make the final table as well, as he's currently in fourth place.  Sounds like a pretty cool final table could be shaping up.

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