Thursday, May 09, 2013

My Technique Needs Some Work.

Fool that I am I got it into my head I should try baking a cake.  So I went out and bought some cake mix.  One thing I found out is that I don't know how to crack an egg properly.  I suspect I'll find a couple of pieces of eggshell someplace in the cake.  I also hope I mixed it properly, or it might be a very interesting cake.  Oh well, at least I'm the only one who will be trying my potential bad cooking.  In other words, no, you can't come over and try my devil's food cake. 

I also should have checked the label of the premade icing I bought.  It says "Product of Uruguay" on it.  No offence to Uruguayans, but I'd rather eat a product like that made closer to home.  Both cake and icing came from Dollarama.

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