Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Orange Boot.

Looking out the window this morning I spotted something I hadn't seen on our street before.  A van parked across the street had a parking boot on it.  It would seem the owner hasn't been paying his parking tickets.  It would be interesting to know how high the amount of unpaid tickets has to get before your vehicle will be booted.  The City of Saskatoon page on the subject doesn't indicate an amount, but the impression I get from past stories on the subject is that it has to be pretty high before they'll take action.  At least the vehicle is sitting in front of his home, cutting down on the problems he might have with it being in a busier location, or having had it booted while he's doing something important with it.

I've been lucky.  I can count the number of parking tickets I've had on one hand.  More importantly I've paid them promptly, which results in a discount on the fine and no worries about future problems.

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