Monday, January 16, 2012

Friends Do It Too.

It's been a while, but another espionage case has hit the public eye in Canada.  Royal Canadian Navy Sub-Lieutenant  Jeffrey Paul Delisle has been arrested on two charges of violating the Security of Information Act.  Hearing this on Global's supper hour news cast I was a bit annoyed at their use of the term "foreign eneny" in discussing the case.  At the moment who Delisle is believed to have spied for has not been revealed, so it's a  bit premature to claim he was spying for a supposed enemy of Canada.  Allies spy on each other as well.  It has even been alleged that Canada has used its intelligence gathering capabilities  to spy on our friends.  And even those foregin powers that aren't our allies don't automatically fall into the category of enemies either.  Of course if Delisle was spying for say the United States or France you'd think the case wouldn't have gone to trial, thus avoiding embarrassing a foreign ally and causing a diplomatic incident. 

Should Delisle be convicted it will be a long time before he can enjoy his ill gotten gains.  The charges he faces carry a sentence of life in prison, with parole eligibility presumably at the discretion of the judge.

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