Saturday, September 24, 2011

Candy Time Machine.

There are all sorts of things one might like to do if someone invented a time machine.  A new one came to mind yesterday, getting candy. 

I saw a sign yesterday announcing the grand opening of a new convenience store.  For some reason this made me think of a chocolate bar from my childhood, the Wigwag.  The Wigwag was strips of caramel crisscrossed and covered in chocolate.  Sure, the caramel tended to harden up pretty quickly once it hit the store shelves, and the chocolate tended to flake off and get on your pants or shirt as you ate it.  But I'd still like one again.  A shorter lived bar from my youth was the Caramba, a caramel fudge bar that was only around for a year.  I'd like to try one again.  Even a trip a couple of years into the past would be helpful so I could go buy a Malted Milk bar.  That one would also be easier, since I wouldn't have to hunt up 1970s money to buy one.  Of course I imagine if you had a time machine you'd have the resources to find enough '70s money for your shopping trips to the past.

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