Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I won't claim to be a great poker player.  But one thing I am is stubborn.  I'll stretch out my stay in a tournament as long as possible, even if I've got a ridiculously short stack.  Tonight I was playing a sit and go on Pokerstars with some money I won there on Sunday.  I didn't play well tonight, including having pocket aces cracked twice, which might not have happened if I played them better pre-flop.  Come bubble time in the tournament and I and the other tiny stack were down to our last couple hundred chips.  In the end on his final hand he had just a tiny bit fewer chips than I did, so he was forced all in by the blinds and antes, while I had a grand total of two bucks left that allowed me to fold.  He lost the hand, and became the bubble player, while I won 50 cents.  A silly way to win that money, but still fun anyways.  Of course if I played better I might still be in the tournament playing for more than 50 cents.

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