Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pity February.

Poor guy, he's the runt of the momths, with only 28 days, except for that extra day they let him have every four years.  So he goes by a bit quicker than his bigger sibs.  Some people might say having Valentine's Day smack dab in the middle is compensation.  But Valentine's Day is just a big middle finger to everyone who doesn't have a romantic partner(or partners if you're into poly relationships) in their life and wants one.  February's other big thing in North America is Groundhog Day, where some poor unsuspecting rodent is pulled from his nice warm home in the bizarre belief that you can tell how much longer Winter will last by looking at his shadow.  February is so pitiful that some places decided it needed a new holiday.  But what did it get?  A pity holiday called Family Day, not one of real importance.  So have a thought for February as his days go by.

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