Friday, January 21, 2011

Spare Me A Buck Or Two?

Well, okay, it's more like a billion, but hey, you know I'm good for it, right?  It's been reported that Wendy's intends to sell off their Arby's division due to the latter's poorer than expected performance.  The two companies only came together in 2008, making for a pretty quick marriage and divorce.  Sources estimate Arby's will sell for an estimated 500 to 600 million, and I'm sure one of you reading this can spare that kind of money for a bit.  I promise I'll let you have all the free Arby's roast beef sandwiches you want.  Or if you're willing to put up a bit more I can buy Long John Silver's and/or A&W, although I'm less interested in the latter since it doesn't include the Canadian restaurants of the chain, which currently have no connection to the US parent.

On a more serious note I've always wondered about Arby's operations here.  They used to have outlets in a number of mall food courts but these have all vanished.  The chain is left with two stand alone restaurants, neither of which, at least at the times I've been in them, seems to do heavy business.  Obviously they must do enough business since they're still around.  More importantly these restaurants are both on the city's west side, and there is no Arby's on 8th Street, which despite its innocuous name is one of Saskatoon's main business areas and an obvious place to put a restaurant if you want lots of customers.  It will be interesting to see if the sale has any effect on the fate of the two here, as the first thing a new buyer may want to do is shed underperforming locations if possible.

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