Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pay Cut.

It's amazing the kind of money some of our entertainers are paid.  A report this week claims that Robert De Niro got paid 20 million bucks for the much maligned Little Fockers currently stinking up the big screen.  Ben Stiller also reportedly earned 20 million bucks.  If you add their salaries to the salaries of Owen Wilson, Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman(7.5 million for a mere five days of work) and Jessica Alba you get 72.5 millon bucks, a sum that would pay for the planned replacement for Saskatoon's mothballed Traffic Bridge.  It's hard to believe that some of these people are truly deserving of the money they're getting for these roles.  Perhaps it's time to reconsider these sort of high salaries given how a lot of these films perform.  But at least Little Fockers will probably make money.  It's the films that are flops where the star makes 10 or 20 million bucks that really make you wonder if things are getting too pricey.

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