Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh, KFC, You Shouldn't Have.

In the paper this morning was KFC's latest coupon flyer, which included the announcement that their Double Down Sandwich will hit the Canadian market(or the Saskatoon market at least) October 18th.  That's my birthday, so I'm really flattered you guys went to all the effort of getting it out in time to honor me.  But really, you didn't have to.

To be more serious a lot of people are probably saying "Oh no, they shouldn't have!" for rather different reasons.  For those not familiar with it the Double Down consists of two chicken fillets with two slices of cheese, bacon, and "secret sauce" between them.  No bun, leading some people to dispute it's actually a sandwich.  The amount of calories and fat in this thing has of course led to criticisms that it's an unhealthy addition to an already unhealthy fast food market.  It's also very high in sodium, no doubt due to the spices used in the chicken and the bacon's inherent saltiness. 

Will I eat one?  Perhaps some day.  But really, the last thing I need is another fast food/junk food item to salivate over.  I eat too many different kinds of crap as it is. 

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