Saturday, October 30, 2010

Act, Don't Whine.

I was just playing a freeroll over on Pokerstars, and just got knocked out\.  Before I did however another player who had been doing quite well before me got knocked out.  He then proceeded to whine about the site being rigged and so on.  Yeah, like they'd really rig a 40 thousand player freeroll.  But whether they are or not the solution is simple.  If you think a site is rigged, don't play there.  It's not a hard conclusion to come to.  Don't keep playing there and then turn into a crybaby when things don't go your way again.  But guess what?  If you play on pretty much any poker site you'll see the exact same complaints. So maybe it's best if you don't play online poker at all.

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Brent McKee said...

I have never seen a poker site where there wasn't someone bellyaching that the site was rigged after they were dumped from a Freeroll.