Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rode The Big Rig.

I finally got a chance to ride one of Saskatoon Transit's new articulated buses this morning.  I rode in the back to get a full impression.  It was funny looking out the window and seeing the equivalent of a whole bus across from me as the bus made a sharp turn.  I picked up on a couple of things that I suspect may cause complaints from some riders.  Firstly the rubber accordion section between the two sections of the bus squeeks a lot as the bus moves, which may annoy some.  Further if you're sitting in the rear half you can see the front end of the foward section move up and down as it passes over high and low points in the road, and I wonder if this might not bother some folks prone to car sickness or other motion sickness problems. 

With the new buses going into service and due to other changes with various routes they've altered the 23rd Street bus mall stops a bit.  This includes taking out some parking spaces at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 23rd Street to make space for new bus stalls, which may annoy some people becuase it will reduce parking for what is a busy area, namely the Sturdy Stone Centre and the main branch of the Saskatoon Public Library on 23rd Street.

The bus I rode today was 1006.  You can see some external pictures I took of bus 1007 here.  The third articulated bus is labelled 1005.

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