Monday, March 22, 2010

Jack Bauer For President?

It wasn't all that many years ago that you would hear a lot of talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly running for the US Presidency.  There was a little problem with the idea, namely that the office of President is limited by the US Constitution to only those born as US citizens, which of course the Austrian former bodybuilder and actor isn't.  But it was felt that his popularity would be enough to generate support for the passing of a Constitutional amendment to overturn that prohibition.

But I get the impression that a lot of that talk has faded away in the last few years.  No doubt this has to do with him becoming Governor of California and actually having to govern someplace.  Not to mention that he didn't turn out to be the hardcore right wing Republican some thought he would be.  Given the decline in such interest I wonder if we won't eventually see some folks wanting Kiefer Sutherland to run for political office, including eventually the Presidency.  After all he's spent the last 8 years being the poster boy for the fantasy of being able to kick the ass of terrorists, no questions asked and no tactics forbidden, as the star of 24, just as Schwarzenegger tended to fulfill that role during the height of his movie career.  So as people are wont to do there might be those who conflate Jack Bauer's persona with Sutherland's and figure he'll be the next Ronald Reagan if he's elected.

 Like Arnie a Constitutional amendment would be needed to allow this, since Sutherland was born in the UK to Canadian parents.  But also like the "Governator" I suspect that if he ever did become a US politician a lot of people would be disappointed because he wouldn't behave like Jack Bauer. 

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Brent McKee said...

Oooo, if they only knew about what Keifer's grandpa did in Saskatchewan!!!!!