Friday, March 26, 2010

In For A Penny.

There has been talk in Canada in recent years, as with other countries, of getting rid of our smallest currency denomination.  In Canada it's the penny.  A fellow I saw today might not be too happy with that if it does happen.  I went into a local Co Op gas station to cash in a lottery ticket.  The guy ahead of me was paying for $5.60 in gas with a bunch of dimes and pennies.  I arrived after it was all spread out on the counter, so I have no idea what the story behind this was.  I was surprised, as I would have thought the clerk would have told him they can't do transactions for that amount with small coins like that.  I'm sure whoever does the tally on the cash drawer tonight will be having some fun, unless of course they've been making sure to give out lots of dimes in change today.

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