Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Funny Webpages.

I was trying to remember when the last time I looked at a newspaper comic page was.  I haven't a clue, so I suspect it's been years.  It seems the only time I look at an actual newspaper comic strip is when James Nicoll has one of his occasional posts on For Better Or Worse and links to someplace featuring one of the strips.  On the other hand of late I have been reading certain webcomics:

Questionable Content, which seems to be one of the big bigs of the genre given that creator Jeph Jacques apparently makes a reasonable living doing it.  Most webcomics aren't that successful.  It's interesting to compare the very first strip with his current output.  He sure has come a long way artwise.

Penny and Aggie, which at first glance is likely to make you think of Archie.  I'm sure this was part of the intent of its creators, writer T. Campbell and artist Giselle Lagace.  They in fact in its early days hoped to get it syndicated via the traditional newspaper route.  This didn't happen, and in the end was probably better for the comic artistically, not to mention the problems currently being felt by the newspaper biz in the US.  The artwork is currently done by Jason Waltrip, as Lagace wanted to concentrate on other projects such as her sex romp Menage a 3(some content NSFW).  Waltrip and Campbell have had a long collaboration on the series Fans.

Out At Home is a relative newcomer that I've latched on to.  The series revolves around the misadventures of former baseball great Herman Beckett and his family. "More money than sense" is an easy way to describe Herman.   It's Herman's daughter Kate that's probably my favourite thing about the series.  Then there's her friend Penny, who has a secret that ended up being revealed at rather an interesting point in the real world.

Finally there's Toilet Genie.  A dog named Skittlez is granted 3 wishes by a genie chained to a toilet, with not entirely expected results.  A really distinctive art style to be found here, which is what got my interest, although I'm not sure whether I find Skittlez's...transformed appearance attractive or disturbing.  Depends on the panel I guess.

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