Friday, January 29, 2010

"Just Like You."

Not much to say here.  I just happen to like this tune and felt like posting it.  You can hear it in stereo if you switch it from 360p to 480p mode on the YouTube player.  But if you want to own a physical copy good luck.  This came off of FM's 1985 album Con-Test, which to the best of my knowledge is long out of print.  LIke all sorts of albums I'm skeptical the original master tape exists anymore, and even if it does it likely would require FM themselves to rerelease it.  Of course if you really want it you could go hunting online for an mp3 rip.  And while I'm at it I'll say "too bad" to anyone brought here by a search for the later British group FM.  Cameron Hawkins and Nash the Slash used the name first.

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