Sunday, January 31, 2010

End Of An Era.


Today marks the end of an era.  It is the last day Saskatoon Transit will use bus tickets and conventional bus passes.  You can see examples of the adult monthly passes they've issued over the last few years in this photo.


This is the final paper pass issued, covering January of 2010.  The switchover was chosen for the beginning of February given that the World Junior Hockey Championship was running in Saskatoon at the start of January and they wanted to avoid complicating  things for visitng bus users.


Passes and bus tickets have been replaced with this, the resuable Go-Pass Smart Card.  A disposable one day version is also available.  The buses have all had electronic fare boxes installed that will read these passes as well as accept coins, which they will count to ensure you pay the right amount.  Paper money will no longer be accepted, which is just as well given that paper money tended to jam up the old coin tubes.

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