Sunday, January 10, 2010

Almost Time To Say Goodbye.

If you're a fan of Teletoon's long running cartoon 6teen be sure to mark your calenders for February 11th. According to a post on the Unofficial Fresh TV Forums the final episode of the series will air on that date. The series has had a good long run on Teletoon, originally debuting in the fall of 2004. Too bad it won't make the 100 episode mark, but it has outlasted much of what Teletoon debuted at the same time, and its success led to Fresh TV's hit Total Drama franchise and their current surf resort comedy series Stoked. It's also too bad it didn't have better luck on US TV. Nickelodeon played it briefly in 2006, and Cartoon Network's success with TDI and TDA led to their picking it up last year, although their airings have ended up being spotty. Even with the final episode airing 6teen will all but certainly be airing on Teletoon in reruns for a long time given how well it did for them, and given that less successful shows have been replayed multiple times by the network.

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