Friday, November 13, 2009

What A Surprise.

Looking at the main page of the blog after making the last post I spotted a surprising ad in my Google Adsense banner. It was for a DVD of Destination Moonbase Alpha. This was a compilation film created out of the two part second season Space: 1999 episode "Bringers of Wonder." ATV/ITC apparently hoped to have this released theatrically, but there is no evidence this ever happened. It did appear on TV in various places over the years. Since it was made out of two parts of the same story it holds together much better than the other attempts at 1999 compilation movies, Alien Attack, Journey Through the Black Sun, and Cosmic Princess. Annoying the episodes used for these were pulled from syndication, so for many years no one was able to watch the original versions when the series aired on TV. The movies aired in Canada at least as late as August of 1999, when Space: The Imagination Station aired them. Apparently whoever was scheduling things at Space then was kind of clueless about the show, as they really should have aired in September of 1999 to coincide with Moon being blown out of orbit in the series on September 13, 1999. Not that Space seemed much interested in the series anyways, as they never aired it in its original form.

Seeing a DVD release for it advertised via Google isn't something I ever would have expected.

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