Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Case Of Remakeitis.

Hollywood's lack of imagination strikes again. Variety is reporting ABC is about to order a pilot for a remake of Charlie's Angels, the '70s hit about 3 female detectives working for a boss the viewer never saw, only heard via an intercom. The fact that Drew Barrymore is involved doesn't seem promising, since the two big screen Charlie's Angels films she starred in never seemed to able to make up their mind whether they were playing it straight or were parodies. Will the new version be a hit? It's hardly a given, since revivals of Knight Rider and The Bionic Woman in recent years were cancelled due to poor ratings.

I wonder what's next in the remake market. Will we see a new version of say 21 Jump Street eventually? How about a Facts of Life revival? Have some continuity with the original by bringing back Mindy Cohn's Natalie character in the "housemother" role served by Charlotte Rae's Mrs. Garrett character in the original. Hmm, anyone wanna team up with me and try and sell this idea?

Perhaps what Hollywood needs these days is another Aaron Spelling. Whether you liked his output or not Spelling was in one way or another responsible for a large chunk of the TV landscape for decades.

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