Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ring The Bells.

If you're in Saskatoon and heard a series of weird noises between 7 and 8 AM this morning don't worry. That was just the sound of kids realising that registering for school begins today, along with classes for high school students. Some of those noises may also have been sounds of happiness from parents who'll have some free time on their hands with the kids spending the day in school. I even had a dream last night about going to school. Fortunately it wasn't the one I sometimes get, in several variations, where I'm back in university, realise I haven't been to a certain class in months, and that I've done nothing on an assignment that's due in a few days.

Another sign of the upcoming change of seasons was that the furnace was running when I got up this morning. Quite a change from the sweltering temperatures at the start of the week.

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Brent McKee said...

Strangely enough I still get that dream.