Friday, February 22, 2008

A New PDA.

I took a look at the latest Gun World magazine in the library today and had to roll my eyes a little at the ad on the back cover. It was an ad for the new PDA from Para-Ordnance. In this case however it's not a new electronic organiser, PDA standing for Personal Defense Assistant. Apparently someone in their marketing department got a flash of inspiration and figured out a new use for a familiar abbreviation. The "DA" part of the name does have a practical signficance, standing for double action.

Para-Ordnance is in fact a Canadian company, located in Scarborough, Ontario. First going into business to manufacture a paintball gun the company eventually went on to specialise in pistols based on the John Browning designed Colt Model 1911, offering such improvements as a larger magazine capacity and their own proprietary double action trigger mechanism. But don't expect to buy a PDA in Canada. With it's three and a half inch barrel it is considered a prohibited weapon, handguns being required to have a four and a half inch barrel under current regulations. Para-Ordnance does make various models that are legal in Canada, although getting a license to own a handgun does take some effort.

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