Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CIA In Saskatchewan?

I can't help but wonder if "the Company" will soon have agents running around northern Saskatchewan after today's announcement that a subsidiary of Edmonton's Triple Five Group will be prospecting for uranium. Triple Five, best known as owners of the West Edmonton Mall and Minnesota's Mall of America, was founded and is owned by the Ghermezian family, originally from Iran. The idea of Iranians out looking for uranium is sure to get someone paranoid. But there's one little fact that should hopefully cool things off. The Ghermezians are Jewish. Somehow I doubt they'd have much interest in helping the Islamic Republic expand its nuclear program. Of course it is possible the US keeps some sort of watch, no matter how casual, on the goings on in the uranium business here given that Saskatchewan is the world's largest producer of uranium.

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Anonymous said...

tim tim tim you are wearing pink glasses if you think the cia is not in Canada and yes Saskatchewan they have been here for years and will be here for many more. They are everywhere.