Thursday, January 10, 2008

Name That Station!

I picked up a new toy today. It's a Sony SRF-59 FM/AM Walkman, an itsy bitsy radio that has been getting some attention of late from radio hobbyists. I've been having fun with this little dear tonight, even though there's a lot of electrical noise in the house at the moment. Specifically I spent a good while on 1600 khz, for mixing with KEPN, ESPN's radio outlet in Denver, I've been hearing something Asian sounding. To my ears it sounded like some Southeast Asian language like Thai or Laotian. KEPN has been dominating, reaching almost local station signal strength at times before fading down to near nothing. But I haven't heard anything recognisable as an ID from the mystery station. Now I can hear what sounds like Cantonese pop music on the frequency, and it's a reasonable guess it's the same station. So, any guesses, AM DXers? A bit of initial research made me suspect it was WUNR, but it doesn't have any sort of Asian music scheduled for this time, if it even carries any at all. There are actual Chinese stations on 1602 khz, but Saskatoon is hardly the best location for catching their signals without the aid of elaborate antennas, making it exceedingly unlikely it's one of them. (If I lived on the West Coast it would be another matter entirely.) So, if you have any guesses feel free to leave a comment.

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