Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Will They Or Won't They?

That's the question many are asking after Monday's Led Zeppelin reunion gig. The reaction has been entirely positive from all I've seen, with comments about the band being in good form, so speculation about a tour is no surprise. But I wouldn't hold my breath. After all it was 2 years ago that 20 some years of emnity were put aside by the members of Pink Floyd, who reunited to play at the Live 8 charity concert. Similar speculation of a new Floyd tour popped up at the time. But as we all know it didn't happen. Roger Waters and David Gilmour went back to their solo projects, and Gilmour has subsequently pretty much said that Pink Floyd is done. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Zep's reunion turns out to be a one off as well. After all Plant recently released an album with Allison Krauss that has been getting positive reviews. It's not like the members need the money, and I don't get the impression they feel the same "we still have things left undone" kind of thing that helped lead to this year's Police reunion.

Wednesday Dec. 12 addenda: This post originally included a YouTube video of the group's performance of "Stairway to Heaven." Since it was pulled from YouTube I came back to remove the link. Apparently someone connected with the group or their record company has been very aggressive about removing vids of the concert, which may be evidence a DVD release is in the offing.

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