Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thoughts On A Storm.

A major storm cell began to pass through the Saskatoon area about midnight, eventually bringing a thunderstorm and heavy rain that was almost monsoon like at times. Too bad we couldn't have had this kind of storm last month, when the humidex number was bigger than my belt size and the farmers could have done with the moisture. Now it's largely a nuisance to them as harvest time approaches. In fact I was surprised that we didn't get a major storm last month given the high temperatures and humidity.

There was some spectacular lightning, which I liked. Unlike some other interests of mine I have no real idea why I like lightning, I just do. This may be the last chance to see this stuff this year, so I was glad to see it. I wonder though if it might have looked even more spectacular without the light pollution in the area. The clouds were orangely yellow from the street lights used in the city, and there are other sources.

The heavy rain was not welcome by some Saskatoon residents. Rain Friday caused problems for some, and no doubt this latest batch of heavy rain has aggrevated things, and caused troubles for a new batch of homeowners.

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