Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Respite From The Heat.

Another month ends, and with it, at least for a couple of days, the heat and high humidity that has plagued Saskatoon for much of July. Perhaps it's my imagination, but the humidity this summer and last summer seems higher than it has in the past. Of course I must also admit I really hadn't paid much attention to this factory in the past. Usually we think of Saskatchewan as having relatively "dry" heat in the summer. But this year especially there seems to be more prominence given to the humidex rating in weather forecasts, and we've had several high humidex warnings this summer. It's possible this is yet another symptom of global climate change, with high humidity air masses appearing in places where they hadn't previously.

I did a lot of walking in the last week, and I was sure glad to be carrying a bottle of water during that walking. A 500 mL bottle fits easily into a pants pocket, and is especially pleasant to have if you freeze it solid the night before.

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