Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where Are The TV Western Remakes?

In recent years we've seen an increasing number of movies based on old, and sometimes not so old, TV shows. But one genre that hasn't been exploited to date is the TV western. Other than the Mel Gibson big screen Maverick and the disastrous Wil Smith vehicle Wild Wild West we haven't seen any of the westerns of the '50s and '60s adapted into movies. You'd think at the very least someone would acquire the rights to one and make a parody movie a la the Brady Bunch movies, or along the line of Mel Brooks' classic Blazing Saddles, which itself is probably old enough for a remake. Although westerns aren't particulary popular these days the right concept could bring the crowds to the theatres. Any arguements that these old shows aren't familiar enough to today's movie audience don't ring true given some of the stuff that has been brought to the big screen in recent years. Then again maybe the lack of success of many of them is an argument against exploiting the western genre.

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