Monday, November 13, 2006


While I was talking to my brother in BC on the phone yesterday I mentioned that former Supertramp singer Roger Hodgson was coming through town on a solo tour. He mentioned that that Hodgson and the other members must really hate each other if they can't do some sort of reunion tour. After all a reunion of the "classic" lineup would be the kind of gig that could be expected to make lots and lots of money with 200 buck a shot seats. Hodgson and Rick Davies did try and reunite as Supertramp in 1993 but it didn't work. So perhaps they don't have a great deal of emnity towards each other, but just can't agree musically anymore.

One group that we know is currently beset by personal dislike is Van Halen. Michael Anthony had been there from the beginning, taking part in every lineup. But this has all come to an end with a report that Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang is replacing Anthony. This comes on the heels of various interviews over the past year that indicate amongst other things Anthony is no longer speaking with Eddie Van Halen, and that the Van Halen brothers wanted him out at least as long ago as the 2004 tour with Sammy Hagar. One can only wonder at how much dislike there is floating around amongst them that they'd want Anthony, who has been loyal to the group for 3 decades, gone.

Whatever happens hopefully young Wolfgang will act as a damper on some of Eddie's current excesses, and hopefully he'll be able to stand up to the pressure of being part of a major band at the ripe old age of 15.

Unfortunately sometimes the tensions of the business of a band can even trump blood. John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival and his brother Tom Fogerty were unable to truly reconcile their relationship even while Tom was terminally ill. This was all the result of the interpersonal problems that split CCR and John's feelings of betrayal when Tom didn't take his side in his financial dispute with Fantasy Records.

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