Sunday, October 01, 2006

Migration Time.

It's time for the Toronto Blue Jays to head off for whereever they're all going to head off to. Today is the end of the regular season, with the Jays coming in second in the American League East. This is the first time they've finished higher than 3rd since 1993, with 87 wins and 75 losses to end at 12 games over .500. It's a considerable improvement over last year's 80-82 finish.

Hats off to Adam Lind. The rookie scored the last RBIs for the Jays this year with a 2 run homer in the top of the 9th against the Yankees today. It's only his second home run in the majors. Yankees Stadium is a nice place to hit your second home run, especially given that the stadium will be replaced in a couple of years with a new Yankees Stadium.

Unfortunately as the playoffs are about to begin performance enhancing drugs are rearing their ugly head again in the majors. It's been revealed that veteran reliever Jason Grimsley has claimed several major leaguers have been using steroids and other prohibited substances. Most shocking of those named are former Blue Jays pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens and former New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte, both of whom pitched for the Houston Astros this year. Others named include Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, and David Segui. Of those named by Grimsley only Segui has admitted to doing anything questionable, admitting to using human growth horomone as recently as the 2004 season, and using it without Major League approval. Unfortunately it's a fair guess that this isn't the last batch of current or recent players we're likely to see accused.

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