Thursday, May 18, 2006

Will The Women In Combat Debate Be Revived?

Captain Nichola Goddard of the Canadian Armed Forces was not the first Canadian woman killed in the field. Female Canadian military personnel were killed in both World War One and World War Two. But she was the first Canadian woman killed in a combat role, which were opened up to women in 1990. I can't help but suspect her death will revive the debate on women in combat. I haven't heard anyone discussing the issue yet, but I can't imagine this continuing for very long. Some opponents of women in combat may see the current Conservative government as more sympathetic to their views, and think now is the time to try and bring the issue back into the spotlight. However it is probably too late to change things back to the way they were. Personally I have no problem with women in combat roles. If they can do the job, let them. A woman getting killed in battle is no more a tragedy than a man getting killed. Rather the tragedy is that people must go off to fight at all.

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