Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tag, You're Not It.

A quick note for the young fellows who might be encouraged to buy Tag Body Shots because of those ads. Kids, despite what the dumber of you may think spraying that crap on you will not make girls jump all over you. That's just a silly ad campaign. In fact its entirely possible that stuff will actually repell women. I've never knowingly smelt the stuff, but I've seen claims that Tag and its competitor Axe are pretty dire smelling. I get the impression they're the 21st Century version of Hai Karate and other gimmicky male colognes of the past.

These days you're likely to find more and more places where you're not welcome smelling of cologne and perfume no matter how nice the scent might be. Many places are pushing for a "scent free" environment due to the allergy and chemical sensitivity problems many seem to suffer from. The University of Saskatchewan main library is an example locally.

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