Friday, May 26, 2006

Random Mix II

This morning I had a package of Munchies BBQ Peanuts. I don't know what was on them, whether it was chili powder, cayenne pepper, or what have you, but whatever it was it sure made my tongue hot. I actually left some in the bag because of the heat. They reminded me of a package of buffalo wing flavour Old Dutch potato chips I had a few years back. They made my tongue so hot I had to eat them in more than one sitting.

If I'd looked at the fat content on the peanut package I probably would have skipped them. Lots of fat in those little dears. I ate way too much today. Fortunately I'm going to eat a lot less, including less fat, tomorrow.

I got a look at one of the Saskatoon Transit Service's new diesel-electric hybrid buses today. There was a Saskatoon centennial event in front of City Hall today that included the bus. Inside it didn't look all that different from the current low floor buses, although the seats are cloth covered. 4 of these hybrid buses have been acquired, along with 13 new diesel buses. They'll be used as part of STS's new DART rapid transit service, to be introduced July 2nd. The 27 buses used on the DART routes will also have bike racks.

The hybrid buses aren't a huge surprise. STS has been experimenting with using biodiesel in several buses over the past few years.

July 2nd will see all bus routes change. From what I've seen so far I'm not entirely convinced. Where I live for example it will be easier to get downtown, but seems to be harder to get to the Centre at Circle and 8th, the nearest large mall and home to one of the city's primary bus transfer points. If I read the schedules correctly at times I may have to ride all the way downtown and transfer to another bus to get to a location the current bus route in my area goes directly to. Good luck to the bus drivers, as their stress levels are likely to be quite high the first month or two as they deal with confused and irate bus patrons asking how they get to various places, and complaining that they can't go to X the way they used to.

During the noon hour it was misting. It was interesting to walk through that instead of more substantial rain. I would imagine today's damp and cool conditions were a disappointment to organisers of today's centennial outdoor presentation.

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