Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm currently listening to the album Miniature by Hank Roberts, Tim Berne, and Joey Baron. I got a chuckle listening to the cut "Abeetah" when a very familiar sound came out of the cans. Baron used a Casio CZ101 synth on the album, and it seems that one of its presets was the basis for the "Brass" preset on the Casio SK1 keyboard. The pitch bending and so forth make me assume its from a '101 and not from an SK1. I own a Realistic Concertmate 500, which was the rebadged SK1 sold by Radio Shack. SK1s are very popular with the circuitbending crowd, circuitbending being the altering of cheap keyboards and other electronics to make them produce sounds they weren't intended to. As I've said elsewhere I can't help but wonder if I might not end up with the only unbent one left at some point, as I intend to keep mine untouched.

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