Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Down by the river...."

No, I didn't shoot anyone. I did do a bit of bird watching however. There were a pair of ducks floating around on the river, presumably a mated pair. There were also about a dozen Canada Geese in the water or on the shore line. The geese seem to be fairly tame towards humans, as I got within a couple of feet of one without any negative reaction on its part. (Interestingly he was missing part of the webbing on one foot.) The same can't be said about their fellow geese. Several times I saw them behave aggressively towards each other, presumably expressing territorial behaviour.

Besides birds there was a canoe and a couple of City of Saskatoon operated boats. One pass by the boats going at some speed created a mini tsunami on the river, with the waves lapping rather strongly on the back. Soon after their swift pass the boats came back down the river very slowly, one towing a line of floating objects. I don't know what they intended to do with them.

Where I was, the boat dock near the Bessborough Hotel, there was some scum, for lack of a better term, floating on the water. I don't want to think what it might have been, but a reasonable guess comes to mind.

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