Tuesday, May 02, 2006


There sure seem to be a lot of my favourite webpages having problems these days. One had a complete harddrive crash, and their tech support company actually managed to lose the harddisk, so they'll have to start over completely. Another one works intermittently because their current server can't handle the level of traffic. Livejournal is currently offline. And another one had problems on the weekend and didn't seem to realise it. Maybe I'm a jinx. Nah, I don't think so.

Of course given some of the companies involved in the background of such things maybe its not a surprise. I've been working on a printer installation job as an assistant, doing things like unpacking equipment and so on. So far we've had the wrong equipment sent to us twice. Our actual work instructions are too often vague. I spent a lot of today standing around when we could have been getting something done because other players in the project were being rather lackadaisical. And we're doing it during the daytime, so the IT people involved are also busy doing their normal work. I'd hate to think of how much worse things might have been if the job was more complicated than it is.

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