Monday, February 27, 2006

Today is not a fun day to be walking around Saskatoon. I was just outside walking for half an hour and ended up rather frozen, although I've been out in worse. Its the wind that's the problem.

Today I picked up some American money from the bank. Its been a long time since I've handled any, and I must say its not very impressive money for one of the world's major currencies. Canadian money is made of much better paper, and carries more modern security features, especially the currently issued tens, twenties, and the soon to be issued fives. Americans often joke of foreign money being Monopoly money because it frequently uses coloured inks and so on, but frankly American bills seem less real to me. Of course its simply what you're used to. Its also worth noting that the 2004 US twenty and the soon to appear 2006 US ten use more modern security features than the bills I handled today.

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