Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Let the whining begin! Team Canada was eliminated from medal contention this afternoon in Olympic men's hockey. We will now be subjected to untold hours of second guessing, complaining, and excuse making regarding the loss. The loss will overshadow all the Canadian successes because too many people are obsessed with men's hockey, and too many people in the media think that everyone is obsessed with hockey. I've only heard a little bit of it and already I'm tired of it.

What's especially annoying is that this will likely bolster the Gretzky Conspiracy Theory. Quite simply some folks figure the recent revelation of the Tocchet gambling ring, including the possible involvement of Wayne Gretzky's wife Janet, was all a plot to screw up Gretzky and make him coach poorly, thus weakening Canada's chance of a medal. Somehow I think the New Jersey State Police have better agendas to push than screwing with hockey. If they were conspiring against someone it would be some local politician they don't like. Or whoever designed their uniforms. Frankly they look like something the military of a fictious South American dictatorship in a bad action-adventure movie would wear.

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