Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How's this for a spammer name? Ivanhoe P. Cultivated. I guess Mrs. Cultivated liked classic adventure tales.

Ah, Saskatoon weather. 4 degrees above zero Celcius one day, 14 degrees below freezing the next. Besides the cold the resulting ice from thawing yesterday and freezing last night overlaid with some early morning snow made for some troublesome walking. I spent a lot of today outside(for reasons I shall not reveal lest you think I'm insane) and slipped quite a few times, ending up on my behind once. But it could have been worse, I could have fallen flat on my face, which could have been very painful.

The cold combined with moisture in the air resulted in sundogs this morning. And as is often the case at this time of year you could occasionally find a bit of melting in places where the Sun was bright enough and the surface dark enough despite the cold temperature.

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