Friday, December 30, 2005

As I was out and about today I saw two examples of stupidity. One was some kid riding his bike inside a shopping mall. He had to be told at least three times to get off his bike by someone from mall administration. You'd think anyone over the age of 5 would realise that bike riding isn't allowed in malls. Then there was the joker who tried to get on a bus with yesterday's bus transfers. He tried to claim he was just given them by another bus driver, but the driver on the bus I was on wasn't buying it. I later overheard some discussion over the bus radio system about someone who might have been the same guy.

Sometimes I wonder about the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. One of today's front page stories was a list of psychic predictions. Hardly the kind of thing that should be on the front page of a non tabloid. As is usually the case with such predictions they were a mismash of nonsense, sure bets, and deliberate vagueness. For example its not hard to predict that Kirk Douglas might die in the next year given that his health isn't what it once was and he'll be turning 90 next year. I'll make my own "psychic" prediction. The Star Phoenix won't publish a followup article this time next year detailing how many of the predictions they printed did not happen. On the other hand there are some people keeping track of failed predictions.

The former Hudsons Bay store at 23rd St. and 2nd Ave. in Saskatoon is currently being converted into condos. Unfortunately one of the casualties of the conversion is the mosaic on part of the building. Consisting of various coloured geometric shapes much of it has already been cut away to make way for the installation of windows. I would imagine the rest will be removed or painted over in due course. Its too bad this couldn't be preserved, but I'm definitely glad to see this project go ahead. Unfortunately nothing is happening with the old King George Hotel across the street, and the longer it stays unrenovated the more likely it is that it will have to be torn down. It would be a shame, as more condos is a much better thing for downtown than yet another parking lot.

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