Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Just how stupid are Neonazis anyways? I occasionally get spam by some American outfit called The New Order. Tonight's message read:

"When You Go With Hitler, You Are Never Alone

You Don't Need a Cell Phone . . .


The religious tone of this is bizarre enough. But accompanying it was a picture of an old WW2 propaganda poster. An American poster designed to encourage people not to waste gas, with an image of a man driving a car with a spectral image of old Adolph sitting beside him and the slogan "When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler!" For some reason I suspect that the idiots at the New Order didn't get the point.

BTW, if anyone from the New Order should read this, do us, and yourself, a favour. Go eat a bullet or two from that swastika marked Luger on your bookshelf.

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