Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I've been quite enjoying the new Doctor Who. And in last night's episode I was pleasantly surprised to see them acknowledge more of the Doctor's past when UNIT of all things turned up. The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce was a part of a number of the late '60s and '70s Doctor adventures. It was also amusing to hear the Doctor's seemingly off hand comment to Rose about how they wouldn't recognise him because he's changed a lot since they last worked together. Rose is sure to be quite surprised when she finds out the whole meaning of that comment!

I must admit I've actually seen very little of the original Doctor Who. I caught some of the early episodes when Space: The Imagination Station played it(their run with the series proved a disaster, but that's another story), and took a couple of the '70s stories out from the library on VHS a few years ago. I've also seen one of the '60s Doctor Who movies, but those are sort of an "alternate universe" version of the character. But I'm familiar enough with the series that stuff like the above makes me smile.

Interestingly the sequence last night where the Slitheen shed their disguises reminded me a lot of the first season of the old syndicated War of the Worlds tv series, which featured a number of scenes of the 3 fingered green hands of the aliens popping out of someone's chest. Of course a little bit of thinking might turn up things in War of the Worlds that may have been lifted from Doctor Who.

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