Monday, April 11, 2005

How peculiar. It seems the writing staff of the cartoon 6TEEN have a strong interest in vomit. So far they've had two episodes in which barfing was a major plot point. In "The Sushi Connection" everyone's favourite shopaholic Caitlin blows chunks all over a car of rollercoaster riders, and the dress she's "borrowing" from a department store, after eating sushi and wasabi. In last night's episode "The Khaki Girl" Jonesy's new job giving out meat "chunklets" leads to massive barfing by just about everyone when they go bad. So what's up with these guys? One barf scene a season is probably enough, unless you're talking about South Park, which incidently last night's regurgitation made me think of. Or could it be they associate slighty ditzy blondes with vomit? After all both episodes focus on Caitlin. I bet that in some markets those two episodes may not end up being shown due to nervous nellies worried about offending someone.

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